Welcome to the official website of David McMurtry, author of Heaven’s Gold: Resurrecting Faith in Today’s Youth. 

The exodus of young people from the church in this generation is unlike anything the church has ever seen, and church leaders don’t know how to stop it.

For many college students, their faith has been shredded because they were never prepared for the spiritual assault from the Internet or their college campuses.

McMurtry attempts to re-ignite their faith by addressing the needs and concerns of young people while giving voice to those who are struggling to believe.  In Heaven’s Gold, David redefines the way the Bible is taught in the 21st century by leading Christians of all ages on a treasure hunt into the jungle of faith and doubt to find the treasure of God.

This approach to teaching the Bible is ground-breaking because it encourages teenagers to challenge the church’s teachings so that they can be certain of the things they believe.  Its purpose is to provide a platform for Christians of all ages to discuss the Bible’s teachings in a new light, while preparing young people for the spiritual battle they must face.