Upon turning sixteen and getting our driver’s license, the last thing we were going to do was read the Owner’s manual of whatever car we were allowed to drive.  After all, what’s there to know- you just put the key in the ignition and turn on the engine and off you go. The gas pedal made the car go and the brake pedal made it stop. Of course, when the car had a flat tire or steam was coming from the engine compartment, it was then that we grabbed the Owner’s manual to see if it could help us pull a rabbit out of our hat or do some other magic trick to fix the problem.

Fortunately, there was a wealth of information in that little book among the clutter in the glove box. The Owner’s Manual is written by the manufacturer to inform whoever would be driving the car pertinent ways to maximize the life of the car and help to avoid problems down the road. Since it doesn’t know whether the driver of the car will have a lead foot or be someone who only drives it on Sundays, it is universal in nature.  It provides suggestions and tips to get the most out of the car as well as warnings and potential hazards that must be avoided. It also explains each of the warning lights so the driver can understand what exactly he/she should and should not do. At the back of the book there is a maintenance schedule, exercises if you will, quantifying how to ensure a long and happy life driving the manufacturer’s vehicle. Basically, it just gives general clues to help avoid danger and disaster. Just as the Owner’s manual of a car is written by engineers inspired by the manufacturer to demonstrate the best way to operate it, so the Bible is an operating manual written by “engineers”, inspired by the manufacturer of the world to demonstrate the best way for us to drive down the highway of life.

Millions of years ago, at a time of God’s choosing, everything was set in motion. Billions of stars that will never be seen as well as the ones already seen, were formed along with planets, moons, suns and the earth. Creating and utilizing molecules of hundreds of conceivable elements, a plan unfolded that eventually would create animals and people as well as a means of reproducing. It’s an incredible plan that has been able to sustain itself for millions of years thus far and, glorifying the manufacturer, for millions of years to come. He inspired men to write an operating manual universal in nature to help everyone navigate the highway of life. In the end, the Bible is just an operating manual to show those choosing to follow it how to get the most out of the life they have been handed, as well as how to avoid the pot holes.