Excerpt from Heaven’s Gold: Resurrecting Faith in Today’s Youth:

“When scientific discoveries are made which cause the religious tectonic plates to shift from the knowledge of those discoveries, the church must allow its interpretation of Scripture to shift as well, as more of God’s power and nature are revealed.  Otherwise, the chasm between the two will become so large that young people will be unable to make the leap of faith between what can be explained and what cannot.

Several years ago in a Sunday School class, our teacher referenced a study that had been done regarding young people leaving the church in droves.  At the time, that seemed preposterous.  However, upon investigation, not only were those claims fairly accurate, but the exodus of young people from the church appears to be growing.

In my research and interviews with church leaders, preachers, priests, and youth ministers as well as people employed in Christian publishing, I heard stories of teenagers whose faith was on fire before they went off to college but then evaporated upon moving into their college dorm rooms.  I also interviewed dozens of young people who had grown up in the church but left as soon as they were allowed, many of whom never set foot in a church after their high school graduation. Perhaps not ironically, each of the young ladies I interviewed pretty much gave the same reason for leaving: the church’s teachings that women are to be submissive to men.

Although it took six years to complete the research and the writing of the book, this subject continues to evolve.  The study guide for “Heaven’s Gold”, entitled “The Threshold of God” will soon be available to help lead the expedition into the jungle of faith and doubt to find the treasure of God.  Once young people see the incredible value that faith in God can have in their lives, they will stream back to the church.