David is available to meet with churches or groups to formulate a plan for each group’s specific needs to help resurrect the faith of those who have left or to prepare future generations for the spiritual they will face when they go off to college. David is also available for sermons, teacher preparation, teaching Bible lessons or conducting seminars.  Please contact David with any questions you might have.

In addition to Heaven’s Gold and its study guide, The Threshold of God, there is also a seminar available to help church leaders and Bible teachers to prepare teenagers and college students for spiritual warfare, called “Selling the Bible to Millennials”. McMurtry is a proven sales leader in his industry and has developed a program to demonstrate successful ways to get the message of the Bible across to young people in this Internet age.

Either email or call David to discuss ways to maintain the faith of your young people before they go off to college.

Contact Information: (615) 347-4105

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